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The Story of Moxxor

The epic journey of bringing MOXXOR to the world
is a story of passion and persistence.

John and Noel Turner were born in 1955 in the small seaside town of Wanganui on the North Island of New Zealand. Their father and grandfather were hardworking fisherman, hunters, and farmers.

They grew up in humble surroundings. Their childhood was a boy's dream full of adventure, wildlife, sealife, hunting and fishing. Noel left school at the age of 16 to go fishing on the high-seas with his father, and John followed shortly thereafter. The wild unforgiving seas, the life-threatening experiences, the constant struggles and adversity, prepared them for the journey ahead.

In the mid-seventies John and Noel were excited by reports from scientists that the greenlip mussel from New Zealand contained extraordinary health benefits for people who suffer from asthma and arthritis. They had a "wellness vision" for the product and took action.

John and Noel Turner were among a handful of individuals who pioneered the greenlip mussel industry. They began farming the greenlip mussel - but unfortunately the excitement and demand for the natural anti-inflammatory extract from the greenlip mussel was short-lived due to lack of demand, research, and investment.

Their vision for the product was well ahead of its time. Undeterred, they decided to reposition the greenlip mussel as a high-end gourmet shellfish for the food industry. In the early 80's they founded KIWICLAMS and entered the mussel processing business.

Continuing to be at the forefront of the emerging greenlip mussel industry, the Turner brothers processed and exported the very first container of greenlip mussels (under the KIWICLAMS brand) out of New Zealand to the United States in 1982.

These were extremely challenging times both for the Turner brothers and the industry as the greenlip mussel was virtually unknown outside of New Zealand.

In 1985 Noel moved to the USA to promote the greenlip mussel. Over the course of the next 23 years Noel and John visited over 20,000 restaurants and hotels across America, Europe, Japan, and Asia to introduce the greenlip mussel.

Today, Noel and John Turner wish to share their "wellness vision" with everyone - bringing you the most powerful and effective anti-inflammatory omega-3s and antioxidants - MOXXOR!